About Ghanshyam (me)

Dr. Ghanshyam is graduate in Veterinary Science (B.V.Sc. & A.H.) from Sardarkrushinagar Agricultural University, Dantiwada, Gujarat, India. His passing year is  2005 and a student of first batch in Gujarat State after implementation of VCI (Veterinary Council of India) Syllabus.

Currently he is working as a Veterinary Officer, Government of Gujarat (India). Since his working area has been changed, now he is focusing on treating of animals (mostly large animal) rather than experimenting on small animals. Feeling Blessed…..

He started his career as an Animal House Veterinarian at B.V. Patel PERD Center and presently providing his service at Torrent Research Centre as a Study Director.

His career journey includes care and management of laboratory animals to conducting experiments on them.

~ Laboratory Animals care and management

1. Rat
2. Mice
3. Rabbit
4. Guinea Pig
5. Hamsters

~ Experiments Conducted

1. Single Dose Studies ( Acute)
2. Repeated Dose Studies (up to 26 weeks)
3. Micronucluest Induction (MNT Study)
4. Undue Toxicity (Abnormal Toxicity)
5. Developmental Toxicity (Embryofoetal Toxicity Study in Rat and Rabbit)


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